A project by Scott Kildall & Victoria Scott
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Gift Horse, (2010), is a 13-foot high sculpture based on the mythological Trojan Horse and clad with digitally-printed wood textures to resemble a 3D model in real space.

Using the metaphor of the Trojan Horse as computer malware, its hollow belly was filled with hundreds of small paper sculpture viruses - from real viruses, such as Rabies, to famous computer viruses like the ILOVEYOU virus to imaginary viruses including Cooties.

On September 18th, 2010 the Gift Horse was wheeled from the 01Sj Biennial to the San Jose Museum of Art and in a public ceremony the viruses were unleashed into the museum.

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Scott Kildall & Victoria Scott

San Francisco-based artists Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott started their collaboration in 2006 in the Art and Technology graduate program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Together they create installations, objects, prints and relational performances that physically materialize the psychological spaces of online social networks and simulated worlds.

Gift Horse is a co-commission by the San Jose Museum of Art and ZER01 (the art and technology network) for the 2010 01SJ Biennial 'Build Your Own World'.

Partial in-kind support from Electric Works Fine Art Press and Daisuke Imai. Interior armature design and fabrication by Rob Bell.

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